PrettyGnarly - '82 Virago

The perfect steed for that next wasteland raid. This was a low-buck build for curb-hopping and burnouts.


-The glorious Yamaha XV920 twin-cylinder heart dipped in black

-Forks, triples, front wheel and brake setup from a 2002 Yamaha YZF600R

-Remote reservoir rear shock

-Seriously hacked-up frame to show off said shock

-New subframe with custom made seat and magnetic side covers

-Hand cast peace sign taillight lens in Model A taillight

-Two foglights from a van stacked as headlights with LED bulbs

-Renthal handlebars with Oury grips

-Custom bobbed/mounted KZ650 fenders front and rear

-Custom 2-into-1 exhaust with in-pipe baffles and heat-shield

-Avon Distanzia up front with a Duro Median bringing up the rear

-Real crappy Suzuki GS650 tank with premium distopian paintjob


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