Interstellar Motors builds custom one of a kind motorcycles in Rochester, New York. Our focus has been vintage Japanese bikes, but we have experience with European and American bikes too. We dig high performance, fine finishes and classic styling. Although, a ratty brat bike might sneak in every so often.


What we do

We provide full top-to-bottom custom builds but can also do smaller jobs such as a bespoke cafe racer tail unit or an exhaust system.

Searching for a bike that's different?

It could be a classic cafe with modern goodies, an apocalpyse-ready rat, or an art-deco show bike. Show us some inspiration and we'll take it above and beyond. Interstellar has professional design and engineering expertise that creates functional bikes that look as good as they perform. Building bikes is what we love to do, and we work hard to provide the best motorcycling experience we can.

Send us an email at contact@interstellarmotors or fill out the form on our contact page to discuss!